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2016. JUNE 22.

Anastacia concert at Budapest!


and several other hits that conquered the world!

More than 30 million records sold, 6 albums and 29 singles, 26 duets from Luciano Pavarotti to Michael Jackson, 32 videoclips and uncountable acknowledgement worldwide. The small woman with a great voice, who resembled Tina Turner and Aretha Franklin at the beginning of her career. However, she has become a pop icon by now and her varied voice is considered unique by her critics:

Such voices like hers come once in a century.

Anastacia is a very dominant diva of our times, who celebrated her glorious career last November with a brand new studio album, the Ultimate Collection. The greatest hits (I’m Outta Love, Left Outside Alone, Paid My Dues) of the so-far published albums appear on the studio album together with two new songs (Army of Me and Take This Chance).

Her first single entitled I’m Outta Love released in 1999 became the highest sales of the year in Australia and New-Zealand as well as the 4th highest sales in Europe.

The superstar has returned to the cradle of her initial success, to Sony Music. She set off toward worldwide fame in the bonds of the publisher at the beginning, she started her career and released her smash hits there.

Anastacia has been on the move constantly, but there were compulsory stops in her life, for instance she fought against breast cancer two times, although she was rather working than relaxing at that time. In 2014 she gave concerts with her album entitled Resurrection at 80 places.

The Ultimate Collection tour starts in April in Italy, and after 40 other stations it arrives to Budapest on 22 June.

The pop legend visits Hungary for the third time. She debuted in  Papp László Sportarena in 2005, then in SYMA Hall in 2009. 7 years later she returns, and in Papp László Sportarena in front of 7,500 fans she plans a stromy exclusive show. At the Budapest concert she has agreed to appear on stage in the company of the nearly 50-member orchestra called Magyar Virtuózok.

However, the organisers do not make do with it and would like to greet either the star or the fans with worthy and up to par gifts, not to mention that they are preparing with a special campaign. Those who take part in the campaign online can get Meet&Greet tickets.

Anastacia always comes to Hungary with pleasure („I adore the capital city! Budapest is full of history and it is a very romantic place”), but she does not only come to give a concert, for instance in 2009 she took part in the enlightening work of Egészség Hídja Összefogás Egyesület against breast cancer side by side with Dobó Kata és Oroszlán Szonja.

She is also preparing for this concert with excitement and hopes that together with Magyar Virtuózok she can provide the fans with an unforgettable experience again..

"If I go to such places like Budapest, it always gives me...... ,
thus, I always come with pleasure

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